A crunch of spikes on concrete steps,
  a few brave claps, a burst of cheers
from friends and families on the stand
  as men in white, some whirling arms
step out a door, a changing room
  marked Visitors and stroll onto the field.

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  Well Vic, I wonder what you'd make of this,
I mean the flag-hung square, the jostling crowds,
  a helicopter clattering through the dark,
runners in their thousands, massed down the street,
  and someone famous being interviewed
in a bright white glare on the steps of City Hall.

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At deep mid-on, in summer heat
  I watch two boys walk out to bat
and guess the codes inside each brain:
  Foot to the ball! Don't lift your head!
I hear in mine, Now watch your back.
  Don't mess things up in front of all his pals.

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