Before the dawn's faint grey had flushed the bush
  and gleamed its hooks and fruits, before the dusk
had snuffed them out and brought its dangers near
  the robins pegged their boundaries out in song.

Read Cape Robin

You were murmuring before I woke.
I lay in my bed with my eyes still shut
and half-asleep, listened and listened.

Outside the room – voices and traffic,
the green-leafed raftering of a tree.
I kept still, trying to hear more of you.

Read Dove

Climbing a crag, I heard a kwaak-kwaak,
  and looked down and saw you scudding
across a river's crinkle on a bushveld plain.

You looked as small and remote as I felt.
  You were a dark speeding speck of a bird,
a faint fury hollering, Get out of my niche!

Read Peregrine Falcon